Herve This, the man behind the molecular revolution

Looking food under a microscope? You find this crazy? Maybe, but take a look at this pictures:

Ketchup under microscope
Is it an animal?


Is it a painting ?

Catch it! The first one is ketchup and the second one tabasco, both seen under a  miscroscope. That is what the french “molecular gastronomist” Herve This is teaching us to do: look deep inside the food.

Herve This is the inventor of the word “molecular gastronomy” and he has discovered for instance, that the perfect temperature for cooking an egg  is around 65° C. Molecular gastronomy after all, is just explaining the chemical reasons behind the transformation of the ingredients: why two liquids beaten together like an egg yolk and oil become solid?

This is the fascinating science of molecular gastronomy and the technique behind Cocktail Pearls…

Just take a look at this short video about Herve This:

If you have more time, this video his an entire conference of Herve This done at the Imperial College of London, explaining all his theories, really very interesting (and on behalf of all French people, sorry for the accent!)




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