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Recipes of Cocktail Pearls from all around the world!


Original Japanese Recipes using Cocktail Pearls

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Here are some original Japanese recipes using our flavoured Cocktail Pearls. 1. Nigiri mackerel with Vinegar & Shallots pearls   2. Kaipara Oyster with Lime & Lemon pearls     3.Mochi with Strawberry pearls (mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of … Sigue leyendo

A different Christmas Eve with Cocktail Pearls

Tired of traditionnal Christmas recipes? Be audacious and try classical recipes with a special touch thanks to some Cocktail Pearls.

Here are two examples:

Vol au vent recipe

Fishy vol-au vent with delicious Vinegar and Shallot Cocktail Pearls

Vol au vent recipe with Cocktail Pearls

Salmon vol-au-vent with Lime and Lemon Cocktail Pearls

It is as easy as fill in the “vol-au-vent” with fish cream spread (like Chovas cream) and sprinkle some pearls of the flavour you like most and … eat it! (don’t reveal your secret to your guests and they will believe you are the new Ferran Adrià)